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Malinda |
No Comment.
March 13, 2003 16:34:16(EST) - Canada

Febuary 23, 2003 16:40:21(EST) - EATONTOWN, NEW JERSEY

Ev Canham | |
Brenda, I really enjoyed your site and had fun visiting with your bears. I especially liked the personal touch in your welcome. Best wishes for the future. Bear hugs, Ev
Febuary 13, 2003 18:50:15(EST) - Canada

rosa |
you have the cuttiest bears
Febuary 5, 2003 18:22:05(EST) - usa

Patti Whisken | |
What wonderful precious bears Thanks for creating them and sharing them with the rest of use who can only drool!
Febuary 4, 2003 12:57:52(EST) - Brampton,Ontario.

Sarah Pendergrast | |
I love your site! Little "Ouch" was my favorite. I was brought in by your quote of the day, which really spoke to me. It said something about newer teddy bear artists expressing the love of a child... well, that's me to a T. I began making bears about 6 months ago as a way to comfort and soothe myself after the death of my baby boy. Each of my bears have been made with the love that I had and still have for him. They're still pretty simple, but they bring me so much peace. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. Thank-you for putting together such a great site!
January 16, 2003 06:17:45(EST) - Toronto, Ontario

lucille & gil robillard |
we are very impressed with your work and so proud of you both. lucy & gil
January 9, 2003 16:59:04(EST)

Barinya |
Hi Brenda Just want to say : Happy Christmas !!! to you and all teddybear-friends. Happy Holidays !! Barinya
December 23 2002 12:35:46(EST)

Nicole |
I am Terra's friend and enjoyed your website!! Great job.
December 2, 2002 10:27:15(EST) - Meaford

Jonas Adner | |
Hello... My name is Jonas and my familys last name is adner and that´s funny because your bears have the same name... thank you
October 28, 2002 14:00:23(EST) - Sweden

Rita MacGranthin | |
Well,Brenda,What a treat your web-site is ,truly wonderful. Your bears are beautiful. Speak soon Rita
September 22, 2002 13:21:59(EDT) - Ayrshire, Scotland

±ç²bclare |
No Comment.
September 20, 2002 18:00:36(EDT) - Taipei

Rebecca |
hi terra's mom! terra told us about your site and i must admit it's rather cute and squishably soft and all that...good show cheers!
September 10, 2002 11:10:46(EDT) - no um...ellesmere that way

MeLc | |
hola! me llamo monica. hehehe hi terra's mom! how do u be? this is a really cute site! :bigsmile: anywayz, i suppose i'll be seeing u again some time soon :bigsmile: bye!
September 10, 2002 11:08:12(EDT) - good ol' town of thornbury

Terra | |
Hey - it appears that I finally got around to signing this thing. Good work on it considering how incredibally long it took to make it. I do very much enjoy the Snake Game!
September 10, 2002 11:05:31(EDT) - up the road by the creek

Phanie Desroches |
Hey you, it's me. . . PHANIE. . . Anyway I really the site. It's really cool. Good job on the teddy bears. See ya l8ter!!!!!!!! Your favorite niece Phanie xoxoxoxo
September 3, 2002 12:45:37(EDT) - ELMVALE

Anne Desroches |
Your website is great! Even though I don't have an original adner bear myself! From your favourite sister-in-law!
September 2, 2002 15:32:48(EDT) - Port McNicoll

Megan Desroches
Hey mom, i checked out ur website and it was awesome. and ya. hint hint for my birthday tomorrow, anyone.
August 29 2002  13:38:20 (EDT) - Ravenna

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